JK-T12080B Programmable Electronic Large Area Pattern Sewing Machine

JK-T12080B Programmable Electronic Large Area Pattern Sewing Machine


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Intelligent Medium-presser Foot

Medium-presser cooperate with needle well, improve break thread when starting sewing and other problems.

Easy to Install

The flatbed is clean and durable, do not scratch template. Convenient to fold, Install only in 3 minutes.

Precise and Convenient

Fixed template in compaction. Template do not need supporting parts and can compatibility most fixed template ways in the market(Optional jig)

Feeding Stable, Lower Vibration

Motor drive rack feeding in X direction, small transmission loos, feeding more stable and lower vibration

Perfect Sewing, Save time

Recognize template pattern by RFID technology, the accurate rate is 100%. More advanced than normal recognition technology in the market.

Import Pattern, High Efficiency and Convenient

Can make sewing pattern on PC, then import by USB directly.

Remote Control by Internet

Solve problems, update system by remote control.

Various Big Presser Foot, Sewing Widely

Various specification of big presser foot, suitable for different thickness fabrics and sewing template.

Additional Information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 56 × 46 × 63 mm