LS-T2284N High Speed Zigzag Sewing Machine

LS-T2284N High Speed Zigzag Sewing Machine



Notice:This machine only work at single-phase 220-240V voltage.

High-grade wear, underwear, shoes, hats, leather, luggage, decorative sewing.
1.Equipped with micro control presser foot lifting system. Suitable press to avoid wrinkle and damage.
2.Withdrawing the thread through hook, thread feeding system replacing pickup, ensuring high quality when low tension sewing.
3.Inside hook Ti plated, mini oil lubrication to reduce fever, increase endurance and avoidpollution.
4.Alternating one step two points, three step four points sewing. 11kinds of patterns available when change pattern panel. Multi function and cost effective.

Needle bar thab is painted black gold Two to four winding switching device
Imported hook Servo motor

Additional Information

Dimensions 55 × 36 × 58 mm


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