New HIWIN RGW-CC / RGW-HC Series Block

New HIWIN RGW-CC / RGW-HC Series Block


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The new RG series from Hiwin features a roller as the rolling element instead of steel balls. The roller series offers
super high rigidity and very high load capacities. The RG series is designed with a 45-degree angle of contact. Elastic
deformation of the linear contact surface, during load, is greatly reduced thereby offering greater rigidity and higher
load capacities in all 4 load directions.The RG series linear guideway offers high performance for high-precision
manufacturing and achieving longer service life.

(1) Optimal design
FEM analysis was performed to determine the optimal structure of the block and the rail. The unique design of the
circulation path allows the RG series linear guideway to offer smoother linear motion.

(2) Super high rigidity
The RG series is a type of linear guideway that uses rollers as the rolling elements. Rollers have a greater contact
area than balls so that the roller guideway features higher load capacity and greater rigidity. The figure shows the
rigidity of a roller and a ball with equal volume.

(3) Super high load capacity
With the four rows of rollers arranged at a contact angle of 45-degrees, the RG series linear guideway has equal load
ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions. The RG series has a higher load capacity in a smaller size
than conventional, ball-type linear guideways.

(4) Operating life increased
Compare with the ball element, the contact pressure of rolling element is distributed on the line region. Therefore,
stress concentration was reduced siginificantly and the RG series offers longer running life. The nominal life of RG
series can be calculated by using Eq

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